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Disaster Response: Keeping Our Clients Running During the Earthquakes

Disaster Response

We were preparing to relaunch our general newsletter with computing security news…but massive earthquakes in Ridgecrest hit the California desert over the 4th of July weekend sending strong jolts not only here in Kern County, but also throughout much of Central and Southern California.

In response, even during the holiday, the continuous protection of our Disaster Continuity system was immediately tested and our company resources prepared to keep our clients working.

After noticing the size and number of aftershocks following the magnitude 6.4 foreshock, we immediately put the company on high alert. Our response during the course of the weekend included:

  1. Confirm Systems Online. Checking managed client networks to confirm servers and workstations were online. Fortunately, everything was communicating with our support system.
  2. Confirm Backups. After completion of step 1, log into key systems and confirm current backups. The easiest way to do this and ensure full coverage was to manually initiate backup cycles. Due to the holiday weekend, most offices were closed and so most backups only uploaded a few files. This was a good sign, as large numbers of files would upload if the automated systems had failed the night before.
  3. Test File Recoverability. Of course, it would be unwise to assume that while the backup system indicates completed, the files themselves are now recoverable. So after completing Step 2, we began spot checking backup files by running recovery tests. We are pleased to announce that all files tested recovered successfully to test machines.
  4. Test Disaster Continuity. The next Step would be to test our Disaster Continuity system with exercises on Virtual Recovery Machines. To simulate a regional disaster, we recovered live workstations and servers to both Asian and European datacenters. This exercise tested and verified our ability to provide our clients with a functional work environment, even in the worst case scenario where their computers AND all our datacenters in the US went down.
  5. Check Systems After Major Quake. When the 7.1 earthquake struck Friday night, large areas of Southern and Central California felt it. We repeated Step 1. Once again, all systems responded as online.

Disaster Continuity

As many of you know, our Disaster Continuity system has been developed, tested, and proven during several major natural disasters worldwide, ranging from hurricanes through earthquakes. After initial setup, the basic Disaster Continuity program costs most small offices LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A MOVIE TICKET per month.

Avg Monthly Cost LESS than a MOVIE TICKET!

We offer a variety of custom solutions, with options that start with the ability to recover all your office files to any computer within as little as an hour. Or if you need INSTANT standby capability, we can have virtual workstations in all regions of the US and the world. So even during a nationwide disaster, we can #KeepYouWORKING, as long as you have mobile internet and a device to log in with!

Disasters happen every day. Some natural disasters can devastate entire regions. On the other hand, someone accidentally deleting important files can also cripple your business.

With our Disaster Continuity system, protecting your data and giving you the power to work anywhere, no matter what happens is EASY AND AFFORDABLE! If you’d like to find out how simple it is to get started today, please click the link below to schedule a FREE Demo:


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Disaster Response

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