Disaster Continuity

Massive Storms through Accidents – Is Your Business Prepared for Disaster?

Is your business prepared for disaster?

With Hurricane Irma leaving a path of devastation through the Caribbean and bearing down on Florida, businesses of all sizes everywhere need to consider how prepared they are for all kinds of disasters.  While we’ve developed and refined our disaster preparedness systems during massive hurricanes and earthquakes, the reality is that many companies can be totally crippled by the more common occurrences of fires, water damage, theft, and vandalism.  And even someone tripping and smashing a computer can result in the loss of vital data.

STAY SAFE! Get everyone safe first…you can rebuild later and we can even help you recover!

UPDATE:  We have created EMERGENCY BACKUP protocols for the Florida area.   We can initiate data backup in under 2 minutes, so you can evacuate while we work on getting your data safe.  We’ll even initiate a full shutdown of your systems before the storm hits your area!

WARNING: If your area has an evacuation order in effect…PLEASE LEAVE. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are more important than your business. You can rebuild later and we can even help you. So please STAY SAFE!

Disaster Continuity – Keep You Working Even During Disasters!

  • Developed and proven during major hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Back up your data at multiple geographically distributed data centers to survive regional and national disasters.
  • Protect your systems from cyberattacks.
  • Access your data securely from anywhere, allowing you to keep working even during the disaster.*

COMING SOON:  International disaster operations center, where our trained, live support team can take your customer calls even when you can’t access the Internet!  On demand per use pricing, so you pay only for calls as they come in with no monthly cost!



Need to get set up before the storm hits?  Contact us:  http://t2d.la/help

Learn more about our Disaster Preparedness Program at: http://t2d.la/nodisaster

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*Internet access required.

Is YOUR BUSINESS prepared for disaster?

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