Disaster Continuity

The Big One is Just One Threat to Your Business

The BIG ONE is Just One Threat to Your Business

The Big One is supposed to hit California at any time!  Today’s massive quake in Mexico should serve as a reminder to companies like ours that are in earthquake country.  Whether you’re in California like us or any other seismically active part of the world, we all should make sure any size disaster won’t be able to shut us down.  Your data is vital and we’ve developed and refined disaster preparedness systems that have protected businesses and kept operations (including our own) running even through huge catastrophes.

Yes, you’ve probably heard it all your life.  But the so-called Big One or any number of severe seismic events are part of the reality of life on the Pacific Rim.  You and your business should be ready!

Learn more about our Disaster Preparedness Program at: http://t2d.la/nodisaster


Disaster Continuity – Keep You Working Even During Disasters!


  • Developed and proven during major hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Back up your data at multiple geographically distributed data centers to survive regional and national disasters.
  • Protect your systems from cyberattacks.
  • Access your data securely from anywhere, allowing you to keep working even during the disaster.*


COMING SOON:  International disaster operations center, where our trained, live support team can take your customer calls even when you can’t access the Internet!  On demand per use pricing, so you pay only for calls as they come in with no monthly cost!


*Internet access required.





The BIG ONE is Just One Threat to Your Business

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