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Free Small Business Saturday Security Consultation

Small Business Saturday Special Security

Small Business Saturday will soon be here and we want to make sure your business is prepared!   Are your computing systems secure?  Is your website safe from attack?  We’re offering FREE security consultations so you can make sure!

Whether you have regional offices or you work at home part-time, we’ll evaluate your physical and electronic data protection, plus look for vulnerabilities.

Do you have a website?  Whether or not you take orders or credit cards, we’ll check on your site security.

With EVERY business threatened by cyberattack, if you aren’t seeking help from us…get help from a computing security expert you can trust.

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Special pricing applies to select consulting and business services only.  Hardware, software, and cloud/online services sales may not apply.   Limited time offer expires November 30, 2016.

Small Business Saturday Special Security 

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