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Better Protection for YOU and Your DATA

Better Protection for YOU and your DATA

We live and work in scary times, but today’s elevated threatscape has given rise to better tools to protect YOU and your priceless DATA.    Small businesses everywhere are under constant attack at a time when we are all becoming more reliant upon our ability to connect online while guarding our identities and information resources.   Make no mistake about it…we are at war against cyber criminals and hostile states.  And as in any war, the technology to defend ourselves has advanced to incredible levels…out of pure necessity.

At Banshee Cloud, our founding principles are based upon the use of large-scale technologies specifically adapted to the needs of small businesses.  We take the most powerful capabilities used by the largest organizations worldwide and fine-tune them for the unique needs and budgetary constraints of even the smallest of businesses!

To this end, several key developments from our best and largest vendors are giving us significant improvements in our already powerful abilities to:

  • Protect anyone with any budget from today’s more sophisticated online threats.
  • Keep all devices from mobile through desktop to server safe and secure.
  • Not only recover data in times of disaster…but also provide businesses and individuals with the ability to CONTINUE WORKING, even when your physical workspace and equipment are totally destroyed.

The cornerstones of these capabilities are our banSHIELD data protection and malware elimination suites, plus the ongoing expansion of our Disaster Continuity systems.

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Better Protection for YOU and your DATA

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