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#eCommerce2016 Tip: Plan Your Promos and Merchandising

ecommerce2016 tip plan your promos and merchandising

Successful selling online has many parallels with what you do at a traditional brick and mortar store.   Merchandising is one area of equal importance in both situations.   You want to be able to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

Of course, “passing by” online can include seeing your banner ads, your site in search results, opening the home page of your website, and anywhere someone can find a link to your site.  So just as with a storefront, you must present people with something that will make them curious enough to take the time to “come in” (as in click on the links to your site or product pages).

Just as with traditional merchandising, you need to decide first what you will promote.   The same rules apply here.

What name brands do you carry that will draw visitors?  Does the manufacturer or distributor have special promotions or incentives of their own?

Do you have a loss leader that you currently sell?  Could it be sold online to get people to your store?

What do you sell that differentiates you from your competition…both in and out of cyberspace?

Are you planning seasonal promos or events?  Thanksgiving?  Black Friday?  Christmas? Hanukkah?  One of the advantages of selling online is that it becomes very easy to change your specials for any holiday! So consider even lesser-known holidays as promotional opportunities.

Since it is relatively easy to change your online store around, this also allows you to explore the results your get from different specials and featured products.  Unlike traditional channels, online gives you the ability to inexpensively try multiple promotions and even ad variations, plus track the results!



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ecommerce2016 tip plan your promos and merchandising

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