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Labor Day – Stand Strong Small Business Workers!

Stand Strong Small Biz Workers

On this Labor Day, we honor workers of America’s small businesses!   We re-affirm our commitment to keep businesses powerful and save them money and we have already seen some of our clients reinvest these savings or use their capabilities to help their greatest assets…their employees!

The American small business workforce is often overlooked and sometimes underestimated.  But we know what a driving force they are in the world’s economy!  According to the Small Business Administration, 48% of private sector jobs are with small businesses.   With the Bureau of Labor Statistics listing 122.39 million private sector workers, this means there are approximately 58.74 MILLION SMALL BUSINESS WORKERS.

Small-Business-Employment-FactsAnd that’s only the employees.  As entrepreneur advocates, we think it’s only fair to count the business owners as well.  After all, they work incredibly hard too!  With an estimated 23 million businesses without employees, that adds almost half as many more people.  Assuming of course, only ONE principal at each company.  Clearly a conservative low estimate.  Any yet, added to the employed workforce, that makes for at least 81.75 MILLION PEOPLE working at America’s small businesses.  This easily outnumbers the 63.64 million workers at large firms.

These are of course estimates, but there is no doubt that small business workers are a dominant and powerful force.  In many cases, they do not have the same benefits as their counterparts at larger organizations.  They also tend to work longer hours, plus take on a wide range of responsibilities.   And yet most love their jobs!

There is truly something to be said about the feeling of family, sense of fulfillment,  challenge, and opportunity at small businesses.   We salute the American small business worker!







Stand Strong Small Biz Workers

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