Happy 25th Birthday, Linux!

On August 25, 1991, Linus Torvalds announced the Linux kernel to the computing community.  His project would form the foundation of a wonderful open source operating system.

While Linux initially was seen as a hobbyists’ project, it is now used by many of the world’s computers. The majority of web servers run on Linux, including the one sending you this very web page.  Because Linux is very customizable, secure, and robust, it powers a wide variety of devices from gas pumps to slot machines.  The fact that the kernel itself is quite small is also why Linux will become crucial to connected devices well into the near future.  Even the Android operating system used by phones and other mobile devices is perhaps the most popular consumer operating system based on the Linux kernel.

Although much of our recent promotional activity has focused on Windows, Banshee Cloud utilizes Linux in many ways.  Most of the websites we create and maintain for clients use the aforementioned servers.  We also deploy various devices, from routers to file servers that run on Linux.  Some are on-premise machines and there are also cloud-based virtual machines.

We also use Linux to help our clients keep costs down by bringing new life to older computers that still work, but can’t run Windows 7, 8.x, or 10!  We have been quite vocal recently about the importance of upgrading your computers to Windows 10, if anything for the increased security.  But many computers don’t have the resources to run an updated version of Windows.  So instead of having to get rid of the computer or keep running Windows XP or Vista, we have been installing Linux!

Tux is the official mascot of Linux.

Tux is the official mascot of Linux.

Since Linux works on so many machines, we actually use various distributions.  Because the Linux kernel is so lightweight, we deploy it on anything from computers with low RAM and small hard drives, to powerful servers.  The operating system itself comes in the form of a wide number of these distributions, each written in its own unique way, with a number of desktop environments.  So we choose the distribution based upon the purpose of the machine and what the users need to run.

While Linux may not be able to run some of your key applications, such as Microsoft Office, there are alternative software packages, most of which are free.  Oh and did we mention that most Linux distributions are also free?  That’s right…a completely free, yet updated operating system!

Our Tux (one of several) checks out the latest distributions at

Our Tux (one of several) checks out the latest distributions at, using an older Dell desktop running Linux Mint.

Going back to Office, while Microsoft currently doesn’t have a Linux version, we frequently create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in Office 365…using applications such as Word Online!  In fact, this very article was written on an old Dell netbook computer running Linux Mint! (We thought it a good way to commemorate the occasion.)

We can also save you a lot of money by re-purposing that old PC as a server or network appliance!  Since Linux is lightweight, yet has powerful networking capabilities, an old PC can become a powerful router or file server for your office and even home!

So if you need an alternative to upgrading Windows or buying a new server…we have one for you in Linux!  Contact us to see how we can re-purpose virtually computer.

Happy Birthday, Linux!







Tux by Larry Ewing (image source drawing description) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

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