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We want to rid the world of the BSOD…one computer at a time!


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Don’t you hate when your computer gets the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?   We don’t like it either…and we can help you with that.

On many levels, it does indicate the death of at least your current work session.  But computers are machines and they can be fairly easily brought back to life!

While it’s true that a BSOD can be caused by serious hardware failures, there are many different things that could lead to this.  Basically, a BSOD indicates that something has caused your operating system to stop working.  Think of it as your computer’s “Check Engine Light”.   It could be something that can easily be fixed or it may require vital hardware components to be replaced.

More importantly, the cause of the BSOD absolutely needs to be determined.  The new QR codes linking to are a good starting point.  From there the underlying causes must be examined.  Did a hardware component go out?  Were device drivers corrupted?  Did a software install fail?  Was the computer infected?

If you need help with fixing a BSOD, we can assist with that!  Most definitely, if you think it was caused by something you downloaded or a link you clicked on…GET HELP RIGHT AWAY!  If not from us…from an expert that you can TRUST!

At Banshee Cloud, we just announced FREE 24-Hour Malware & Security Help, plus we have always provided FREE tech support to everyone!  Please visit or click the help button below for details and IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE:


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