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The Official Banshee Cloud Newsletter Issue Number Zero Ten

Our latest newsletter is going out and we have important & timely information that you may be interested in:

Computing Security Resources

With the current environment of constant security threats, we wanted to make sure everyone knows about our Computing Security Resources.

Windows 10: Real World Truths

By the July 29, 2016, Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10 will no longer be available.   There has been a lot of negative press about the upgrade, so we wanted to share the honest truth from our experiences.  At Banshee Cloud, we have handled our fair share of upgrades from day one.  We have always advocated upgrading…as long as you keep several key factors in mind.  In this article, we will review those factors, plus point out some key facts that business (and other networked) users need to know about the automatic upgrade from Windows 7.

National Independent Retailer Month

July is National Independent Retailer Month and since our company is dedicated to the empowerment of small businesses, we want to celebrate your independence by giving you a series of offers to help your retail operation grow.  Whether you have a chain of retail stores or sell products part-time from home, Banshee Cloud has always been committed to providing you with the computing solutions and online marketing services that will help you save money, become more capable, and dominate your competition!

Super Saver Shared Web Hosting

It has become apparent over the last few months that many of our clients needed a low cost alternative for web hosting that did not compromise the quality of the visitor user experience.  So we are proud to announce our Super Saver Shared Web Hosting Plan starting at $36/year.

What I wish I knew: 5 Small Business Owners Share Success Secrets

Download the free eBook to learn how five entrepreneurs built their successful businesses, and offer some hard-won insights that may help you build yours.

8 Tips To Turn Cold Calls Into Warm Introductions

Ringing up total strangers to chat about your business and persuade them to set up a meeting is very hard to do.  Simply picking up the phone takes courage. But turning cold calls into actual sales calls—that takes confidence and thick skin as well as skill.

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