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Windows 10 FREE Upgrade Ends July 29!

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Ends July 29

As the one year anniversary of Windows 10 approaches, Microsoft will be ending their FREE upgrade on July 29!  Why should you care?

At Banshee Cloud, we have been upgrading small businesses, organizations, and home computers WORLDWIDE since Windows 10 came out.  We know a lot of people are justifiably upset about the persistence of the “Get Windows 10” program.  And we strongly believe that everyone should be free to choose what they do with their computers.

But we also work daily with computing security issues and for that reason alone, many of our clients have upgraded.   And we’ve helped a lot of people increase their productivity through this latest version of Windows.

So what should you do?

We’ll be sharing our REAL-WORLD experiences in our next newsletter, coming out next week.   We’ll answers questions like:

  • Why should I even consider upgrading?
  • How do I keep from having the upgrade forced on me?
  • What should I be careful about?
  • Where can I get help?

Because of the nature of this topic, this will be the most information-packed newsletter to date!  If you’re not already subscribing, you can sign up now:



And please remember, WE HATE SPAM…so we will never flood your mailbox nor will we give our contact information to anyone!  We are sworn to protect your privacy!


And if you need help right away, feel free to CONTACT US at any time.  We’d love to discuss your situation and the pros and cons of upgrading!


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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Ends July 29

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