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Power and Profit! Get Over The Technology!

Most technology providers sell you…well, technology.    And that, plus their profit is their focus.   It can work out to everyone’s benefit, but many times you are on the receiving end of 1) technology that isn’t a good fit for you and 2) higher than necessary costs.

The real shame is that you quite frequently end up with shiny tech that looks nice on paper, but complicates your operation.  Worse yet, you’ve been oversold and your cash flow is unnecessarily drained.   And here’s the kicker…you may not even realize it because it’s new technology.  So you just shrug it off as a “learning curve” or “growing pains”.

Your provider may not be fully aware of the application of the new tech to your specific business needs.  And in many cases, they may not even see the wonderful new ways your computing can be priced on a per use basis.  So the solutions you are given are costed to protect the provider’s margins and not yours.

At Banshee Cloud, our company was created to provide small businesses, non-profits, and even individuals with the latest empowering technology…adapted to meet YOUR unique requirements.   Instead of throwing out technology as an end, we look at what you need from a different perspective:  What gives you the most POWER and maximizes your PROFIT.

Notice we emphasize YOU first.

It’s a novel approach.  Our competition may argue that it’s not going to generate as much revenue for us.   But that’s from their perspective.   They probably think your business is too small for their time anyway.  We don’t.   We see that modern computing has the potential to benefit even one-person offices.   We know that if we can help you save money or gain new capabilities in one area, there are other things we can do in other aspects of your operation.  You may not need many of our products and services now, but if we help you grow, you’ll need them later.

So we start where very few begin:   How can we empower your business and how can we make you more profitable?   THEN find the right tech for where you are now.  Plus we look at how we can keep your fixed costs to the minimum and charge you for only what you need and what you use!  Finally, we understand how to properly scale your products and services so that they can grow with your business…even if you become the next company to join the Fortune 1000.

And of more relevance to you…our solutions can easily scale or upgrade and even downgrade to match the capabilities you require to service YOUR CUSTOMERS.   It doesn’t matter if you service 20 accounts today and pick up 200 in the next month.  Or if you suddenly need to fulfill 2000 orders.  Why, we can even help you market online so you can experience that kind of growth!

Our experience and specialization gives us the ability to better understand your business.  Because we are business people first and technical specialists second.  And all of our team members are trained to approach development, deployment, service, and support from the perspective of a business owner.  So we’re all good at more than just the technical skills…we know how to apply them to your unique needs.   And work around what YOU need.

It’s not about us…and certainly not the tech.

So let us help you become more POWERFUL and more PROFITABLE.  Let us help you Get Over The Technology!


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