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Free Email Is No Bargain

Even if you don’t use a computer for your work, you’re using email for your business communications.   And you’ve probably heard that using your own domain for email is more professional than having a Yahoo! or Gmail address.  In fact, we’ve probably even told you that.

There are a lot of other reasons to use your own dot com (or any domain) for your email.  We could produce lots of literature that Microsoft gives us (which we may have already sent to you). But we thought we should share some recent experiences with you.

The Hacked Freemail Account

A few weeks ago, we helped someone after her free email account had been hacked.  If it had been an Exchange Online account, we would have just logged into her Office 365 portal and reset the password.  (Plus Office 365 has enterprise-grade security, so the chances of being hacked are much less likely.)  But her major “freemail” provider had no phone support and the account had no backup email or recovery phone set up.

This particular client decided that she didn’t need the data in her old mailbox, so she just signed up for a new email address.  We recommended continued recovery efforts, but as with all our other clients, it was her decision based on her budget.  And we always honor our clients’ wishes.  But what if there had been orders in her inbox?  Certainly her course of action would have been different and the cost to regain access to her orders would have potentially been significant.

Business email communications can make or break a sale.  You need email that is easy for you to secure and manage.

The Bad April Fools Joke

You may have heard this story from last April 1st.   Another major free email provider got a lot of criticism for the animation they added to the end of everyone’s email messages.  The animation was from the popular Minions movie, where one of the characters did a “mike drop” after making a speech.

You can think of it as an email signature forced upon you by your mail administrator.

Sure we love practical jokes, but this one really got out of hand.   Basically, a lot of businesses sent out emails that their customers did not appreciate.

The worst story we heard was that a mortuary unknowingly sent out condolence letters and the animation was automatically added to them.  Could you imaging getting a letter saying the sender sympathizes for the loss of your loved one…then a cartoon character at the end gives an uncaring look and drops a microphone?

As a business, you need more control over your email.

Snail Mail Goes Electronic

We could tell stories all day, but perhaps the one most dear to us is our own.   You see, we don’t use Exchange Online because we sell Office 365.   Before used those wonderful Microsoft servers we tell all of you about, we used a different system.  It wasn’t even a free system…we actually paid for it.  But we had continuing problems with the messages coming in late.

So we decided to switch providers.  At one point, we thought about setting up our own server.  But we would have to maintain and patch it ourselves.   We could go virtual and have a cloud server.   But Exchange Online is not only powerful and reliable…we didn’t have to worry about updating and security.  Microsoft had its own professionals to do all that.  Including more engineers devoted to security than a regional bank would have.

Remember, these are the same email systems used by the nearly all of the Fortune 500 firms, plus non-profits and major government agencies worldwide.   And Exchange Online is maintained by the people who create and manage these systems.

With plans starting at just $4/month, it was a no brainer.

It may seem clichéd, but we like the product so much, we knew we had to sell it!


If you don’t already use Office 365 for your email, try it to today risk-free.  Beyond email, you get a full suite of office productivity tools that give you incredible capabilities, including Microsoft Office.   Learn more and sign up at !






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