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It’s World Password Day. And We Could Care Less.

  1. We tell people to change passwords all the time.
  2. No one listens.
  3. There’s lots of satire on Twitter, so we’re going with that!

It’s true.  We are always telling people how important it is to change passwords and use strong passwords to begin with.  And we’ve been pushing everyone to go beyond passwords and use multi-factor authentication.

But it’s too damn inconvenient for people, so we end up coming across as the security police and the security police are pretty nasty in a lot of countries, so that makes us look bad.

So we won’t nag you today.  We’re going just sit back and let you use whatever passwords you want.

We could tell you to go to to learn more, but you’re not going to listen.  Hey they’re even using Betty White as their spokesperson, so they’re not being too serious either.

So you just keep on using the same old same old password.  Yeah, the same one for everything.  You know, your daughter’s name.  Or the cat.  Or 007.  Just like your luggage, right?

Hell even use “password”.  That one’s super easy to remember and it’s so obvious, so no one will guess it.   Really.  A lot people still use it, so why don’t you?

It’s all good.  We make more money if we have to fix your computer anyway.





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