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Earth Day and Sustainable Computing

April 22 is Earth Day and we are taking Sustainable Computing to the next level.  This year’s theme is Trees for the Earth, so we wanted to talk about how our initiative to create a sustainable technology services industries in developing economies saves trees.  Our goal is to preserve as much of the existing natural environment as possible, even to the point that we utilize existing structures.  On the other hand, many of the industrial and land development activities in developing countries involve deforestation and a heavy carbon footprint.

Through Sustainable Computing, we work with local government and educational institutions to drive the labor force and local industry away from the more common alternatives that impact the environment in a negative way.  We work with information service industries that are more attractive from the standpoint of capital investment and profitability.

We also train workers with marketable skills that give them better earning power and less incentive to settle for previously existing jobs in destructive industries.

Just as critical is the creation of jobs that actually fill market needs, because this is the key to sustainable employment as well.  To this end, our targeting large and pervasive market segments by providing unique services with exceptional value insures that the workers are able to support themselves for the long term.

Help by Helping Yourself

So how can you help?  That’s the easy part!  If you own a business, use computers, or need online promotion…our services are specifically designed to provide you with what you need at an incredible value. We understand the specific requirements of small businesses, organizations, and even individuals so we have designed customized systems to give you the ability to outperform your competition with the same capabilities of the largest corporations on earth.

So if you aren’t already taking advantage of the empowering services we offer…look into what we do.  You most likely will find that you could be saving as much as 89%, compared to our competition.  Banshee Cloud is totally committed and constantly striving to save you money and provide outstanding performance without heavy investments or long-term contracts.

Help us create sustainable industries by helping yourself to amazing computing and online capabilities!  Contact us today!


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