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World Backup Day USB Drive Sale


March 31 is World Backup Day.  Visit and you’ll find one of their recommendations is to use external USB drives for back up.

At Banshee Cloud, we develop backup, storage, and data protection services that give businesses of ANY size full, enterprise grade service.   While cloud storage is a key component for disaster-proof instantaneous access to your data, you still need a local solution that can help you recover from a total computer failure within minutes.

External drives are a great way to enable such a complete recovery of your systems, providing you with the means to seamlessly continue with your cloud-based data on an alternate computing device.

So with all this in mind, we are offering great discounts on all our external USB drives for World Backup Day.   These drives have been selected by us as part of our data recovery solutions and our banSHIELD line of data protection and malware elimination products.

These very same drives are used to protect office computers that our clients use for their livelihoods.   They have been used in one-person offices and to backup network servers.   So you know they will work for your family photos and legal documents.  Plus they can help us rebuild YOUR computer, if need be.

Visit and get yours today!


UPDATE:  We now have SPECIAL PRICING on Toshiba external drives!





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