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Sustainable Computing and World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day.   This year, the UN theme is Water and Jobs.  We fully support the movement to provide EVERYONE with a supply of clean and safe water, plus protect the rights and dignity of all workers who help provide the world’s water supply.

At Banshee Cloud, our Sustainable Computing initiative shares many of the same goals.   Our efforts to create green technology service jobs are specifically designed to turn workers away from industries that threaten the environment and ultimately save the most important bodies of water on our planet…our oceans.

Plus we have helped preserve jobs here in America by offering empowering computing services and huge cost savings to small businesses that we serve. According to the Small Business Administration 99.7% of US employers are small businesses and in this economy our clients need to save as much money as possible to stay financially sound!

Even the worldwide data centers that serve our clients help create a far greener carbon footprint and impact upon the world’s water supply, compared to the inefficiency of excessive on premise servers.

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