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Security Tip: Control Employee Downloads

Security Tip Control Employee Downloads

Employees downloading software with malware continues to be an ongoing Online Threat.   All it takes is one click to shut down your network and cost you days of lost work.

But there are steps you can take to proactively control downloading.

The first thing you should do is get together with your team and determine exactly which applications you need.  Common apps include print and scan utilities, plus programs that your vendors or customers may ask you to install.  Knowing ahead of time what your team needs will allow you to locate the correct files.  While you’re at it, put together a library of drivers for your printers and other devices. Then have an expert (as in someone who knows where to get genuine files AND how to avoid malware) download the files.

Option 1: Store approved installation files on a network drive.

This is probably the simplest step you can take and many of you are already doing this.   Just take the files and place them on a shared network drive, so the team can just download them.

The problem with this is that network drives are typically also writable for everyone.   Which means not only can your team substitute or upload unapproved files…but some malware may even modify them in order to propagate.  Which is why they’re called Trojan Horses.  One solution is to create a network drive that only key people can write to…but if their user accounts get compromised, then you get the same problem.

What we have also seen is that, many offices keep a back up copy of the install files, so you are essentially taking up twice the space in your network storage.  And doubling the risk of distributing compromised files.

Option 2: Microsoft Intune Company Portal

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based systems management and security service that allows you to manage your computers and mobile devices from anywhere.  It gives you a wide variety of features that include a Company Portal where you can provide applications that your team can download.

Since Intune is a systems management service, you can do many other important tasks, like monitor the health of your computers and make sure they are properly update.  For many offices, Intune can be part of a system that may help you forego the cost of purchasing and maintaining an on-premise server, yet become more powerful and secure.  Compared to the cost of a server, it is quite reasonably-priced!

Learn more

Option 3: Windows Store for Business

This is one of our favorite new features in Windows 10.   While the Windows Store is a curated collection of approved Windows apps, your organization can have its own private store.  Not only can you offer existing Windows Store apps…you can also add Line of Business applications.  This includes your own apps (which we can develop for you).

So essentially this is safer and more secure, plus convenient for all your users using Windows 10…computers, tablets, and phones!

Contact us, if you’d like to have this feature set up.  If you have Office 365 or Azure Active Directory, we can have it running in minutes!


There are of course many other ways you can control the applications available to your office, but these are our favorites.  And if your employees are mobile or work in remote offices, our cloud-based solutions allow you to extend your security wherever your team goes!



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Security Tip Control Employee Downloads

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