Today, February 9, 2016 is Safer Internet Day!

Safer Internet Day is organized every year to promote safe and responsible use of the internet, particularly for children and young people worldwide.

This year’s theme is “Play Your Part for a Better Internet”…emphasizing that ALL OF US must get involved in making the internet a fun and enriching haven for the youth who will create our tomorrow!

For our part, we will continue posting our #OnlineThreat and information, in our continuing drive to make the internet safer for the businesses and people we serve…plus posts  focusing on our youth this special day!  Be sure to follow @BansheeCloud  on Twitter!

Please visit or the US site at to learn how you can participate.

Also, be sure to view the live webcast at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern:

Be Safe, Play Your Part…and Most of All, Have Fun!



Safer Internet Day: Play Your Part for a Better Internet!