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Strong Tools AND Good Sense Keep You Secure

Computing security is an issue that impacts all of us. We’ve developed customized tools to protect you, but to be truly protected, you must exercise GOOD SENSE in your computing practices.

At Banshee Cloud, we constantly deal with helping people protect, clean, and secure their computers.   We created our banSHIELD customized system to give our clients better protection and eliminate malware.  banSHIELD utilizes the best enterprise-grade tools available in configurations customized to the specific needs of your computers and network.

But even the best tools can’t always protect you.  Any anti-malware system that claims it blocks ALL threats is blatantly lying to you.  With new threats being released in the wild on a constant basis, every software vendor must constantly issue updates and push out new virus definition files in response.  With banSHIELD, we provide multiple layers of protection, but as with ANY form of security, the systems protect you only if you use them.

It’s very much like cars…you can have all the latest safety features, but if you disregard sensible driving practices…NOTHING is going to keep you from getting hurt.

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