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Windows 10 Update Makes It Easier to Manage Your Computers

With the latest update to Windows 10, Microsoft has included several features which make managing networks easier.   With many of our clients having smaller networks (or only one or two computers), some of these enterprise management features may not be so important.   However, there are two items which would make everyone’s computing lives easier…perhaps even for your home computers.

Windows Store for Business

From the security standpoint, the Windows Store for Business can serve as THE place where your employees can download the software that they need, without risk of infecting the network by downloading from 3rd party sources!  Not only does it work with curated Microsoft Windows Store apps, but also can be where your users download you own line-of-business applications!

The Windows Store for Business is something that we have been looking forward to, as we frequently see users download software for their business needs that infects networks.

Windows Update for Business

We and our clients continually have to balance convenience, security, and utility when it comes to updating the computers.   As happens on many networks, this sometimes leads to a situation where some computers end up waiting for some of the latest updates.   This certainly can impact security, but also affects the performance of the computer and other factors.  With Windows Update for Business, it becomes easier for your IT people to make sure that the essential updates are done and all other updates better controlled.

Get Updated…and Set Up

The new updates are being pushed out.  But the Windows Store and Update for Business will need to be set up for your computers, in order to fully and appropriately utilize these services for your unique needs.   We strongly recommend that you contact us today, to see how we can assist you with this.  The consultation is free!


Learn more about this major update at the Windows Experience Blog:


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