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Round 1 of Windows 10 Upgrades…Fantastic Results for Our Users!

We’ve completed the first round of Windows 10 upgrades and we are proud to announce that IT REALLY WORKS!

Done correctly, nearly all settings migrate.   And compatibility with Windows 7 and 8 desktop configurations is nearly completely migrated.

Overall, this has been the smoothest operating system upgrade we’ve seen.   We’ve done upgrades and clean installs and they have all worked really well.  Video, printer, and other drivers upgrade without a hitch.

Network settings just work.

Most importantly, all the users now using Windows 10 have safer and more secure computers and it has become easier for us to manage them.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this FREE UPGRADE, contact us today and we’ll get your computer set up…without minimal impact on the usability and function of your computer!

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