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Introducing banSHIELD: data protection. malware elimination.

banSHIELD-Facebook-Wall-PhotoWe have been dealing with quite a few malware infections on a wide range of networks and home office computers. And we’ve realized that the situation must be far worse on consumer devices. So in the spirit of our obsession with empowering people, we’ve created an entire suite of security products that apply enterprise-grade malware protection and at consumer-friendly prices. Much as we’ve done with our nABLE custom cloud solutions, we’ve gathered the most effective tools available and combined them with our own unique approach and proprietary systems.

It is with great pleasure and a desire to help as many computer users as possible that we now proudly introduce…banSHIELD. The product line is broken down into two families: banSHIELD Guard focuses on protecting your computer and your data. Coupled with some of the best and proven security products available, we have added the very same backup and data storage strategies that we use to protect networks. While we work to keep your data safe, we can also restore your machine in as little as 15 minutes!

banSHIELD Clean is for those dreaded situations when your computer does get infected. Because computer security is just like home security…no matter how sophisticated the locks and alarms, nothing is impenetrable. And just like with homes, there are lots of times when gates have been left wide open. So we have applied our experience in cleaning up business systems to come up with ways to clean up your devices.

So we genuinely recommend you try our banSHIELD Guard products. And call on banSHIELD Clean when you need help. Because there literally are hordes of hackers out there looking to get into your precious stuff. Stay safe, stay secure, stay clean!

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