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Hi, I’m Fe Genabe, Social Media Specialist

FeHi I’m Fe Genabe and I will be working with the team at Banshee Cloud to help with social media posts for our clients.

My Duties:

  • Assist in making sure Banshee Cloud and client firms have at least one daily post.
  • Help provide our social media followers with useful information on business empowerment.
  • Share the latest tech news of interest to home-based and small businesses.
  • Promote the benefits of cloud computing solutions.

My Background:

I am a retired educator with a vision and passion for nurturing kids in my hometown, Maribojoc, Bohol, Philippines, to become well-adjusted and productive individuals in the community. I believe that these kids can contribute to the change in social and economic status of my town in the next generation thus working with Banshee Cloud LLC is to the advantage of my vision taking into consideration its goal which is relevant to this era of high technology.

Fe and KidsI started achieving this dream as a teacher but as time and promotion found its space in my career, kids were set aside in favor of adult educators however my interest in them rekindled after my significant mission during the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which ravaged my town. I helped them cope with trauma by conducting stress debriefings in different evacuation centers and the rest is an interesting story of my life. Invitations to speak to parents, kids, teachers, school principals on developmental topics ranging from Parenting, Team Building, Importance of Technology: Its Disadvantages When Abused and more topics. Hoping that with this involvement I can contribute a bit to a sustainable progress in my beloved Maribojoc.

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