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Announcing 3.0!

We’ve completely re-designed our main website, !  The old site was a great demo of what you can do with the free public site that comes with both Office 365 and SharePoint Online.  And we’ll still keep it running as a demo.

But we really needed a site that could demonstrate our web design and development capabilities, so we needed to self-host outside of SharePoint.   The new site now links to more of our social media pages (including this blog).

More importantly, it more clearly maps out the wide variety of ways that we are able to deliver on our promise to empower businesses of all sizes!  In fact, our new motto sums up what we provide:  “THE Tech to DOMINATE!”

bansheecloud.com3.0The is also fully responsive.  Just like the sites we develop for our clients, our new site looks great on ANY device and on all the major browsers.  It even re-flows when you resize your desktop browser window or change your screen resolution.  View it on your mobile device and if you have projector or widescreen monitor, try it there.

Finally, check out the Super Slider on our home page.   Like the sliders used on many popular sites, it automatically scrolls through slides featuring our products and services.  But our exclusive Super Slider also adds a level of interaction and animation that we can use to help you showcase your products across all your multiple target markets.

We hope you like our new site and more importantly, we know that it will better guide you through the many ways in which we can make your business more efficient, save you money…and become more powerful than your competition!

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