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Coming soon… 3.0

Baby Using ComputerFor some time now, we have been using our main website at to showcase the free Public Site that comes with SharePoint Online and Office 365.  And we will continue to use our Public Site as a demo, since anyone with an Office 365 subscription can set up a website with more capability than most free websites.   Plus, the Microsoft Cloud ensures a powerful and scalable site using the same servers used by some of the largest and most reliable sites in the world.   Not too many people know about this feature, simply because they get Office 365 for the reliable email and constantly upgraded Microsoft Office software.

But for Banshee Cloud, the time has come for us to change our site.  For one thing, it has become important for us to have a fully responsive website.  If you’re not familiar with this term, it basically means that a responsive site will reformat itself to look good on any screen.   And done correctly, this should apply to everything from smartphones through widescreen TVs…current AND future.  Plus we test ALL our websites on the major browsers used by PC and Mac, iOS and Android.  Even our entry-level WordPress sites are crafted to be responsive.  So it only makes sense that we should create our own web site in a responsive layout.

Also, as we continue on our mission to empower businesses of every size, we see it very important to lay out a clearer picture of what exactly we can do for you.  So we’ve focused on adding interactivity and animation to completely demonstrate our products and services in an easy to follow manner.  Our new site will integrate many of our existing microsites and provide you with more information on the incredible capabilities and empowering benefits that we provide to your business.

In only a matter of days, you will be seeing the new and improved and other enhancements to our online presence.  It’s all designed to show how we can help your business computing become more powerful, capable, reliable, and secure.   You’ll see that in our new slogan:  “THE Tech to DOMINATE!”



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