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URGENT UPDATE: Windows XP Support Ends TOMORROW, April 8

As we have been warning everyone, April 8, 2014 will be the end of support for Windows XP. If you are running Windows XP on ANY machine connected to the internet…you will be subject to serious vulnerabilities that may compromise your data and the operation of your entire network.

While it can be argued that Microsoft (and Banshee Cloud) has been hyping this up in order to gain sales of Windows 8, we have always made it a point to point out the opinions of third party experts.

Bloomberg Businessweek and the Portland Press Herald have published an informative article on on this topic: Will shutdown of Microsoft XP leave users vulnerable?   Here are some key points are made by security expert Sari Greene and Jesse Kidder of Best Buy.

“Organizations that continue to use XP past end-of-life endanger their customers, employees and communities, which may result in costly security, compliance and liability issues,” Sari Greene, founder of Sage Data Security in Portland, wrote in a newsletter to clients.

“There is no question that criminals will continue to develop malware to exploit Window XP weaknesses. What is different is that there will be no corresponding fix,” Greene said. “We know that those with malicious intent will continually scan company networks for weaknesses. An end-of-life operating system like Windows XP is an open invitation to launch an attack, which may result in a costly breach.”

Continuing to run an unsupported operating system could result in legal liability, as well as denial of insurance coverage for companies, Greene said.

On the consumer side, Jess Kidder at Best Buy observes:

“The biggest fear people have is whether their computer will still work after April 8. Your computer won’t die or explode, but as far as security, you won’t be protected anymore.”

If you are running ANY computers with Windows XP, we suggest you contact us or an IT expert immediately.   Please make sure that the expert you are working with is fully briefed on the Microsoft Get2Modern program.   There are a lot of incentives put together by Microsoft that can give you substantial savings, should you decide to upgrade.

For more information, we’ve taken the Get2Modern program and added it to our website in a format that can be read on all devices:


Old PC Time Running Out

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