Today’s (and Just Today’s) Updates from Banshee Cloud!

We are about to relaunch several of our websites and social media programs!

For today only, you’ll see several posts from our various blogs as we share and publicize key updates in our mission to empower everyone with incredible computing capabilities.  It won’t a be a deluge of posts, but certainly more than you’ve seen in a while and more than you’ll see on any ordinary day in our extraordinary lives.

This will happen as we push the new content to our online assets.  Our aim is not to overwhelm you with posts, but simply to get our online presence current, so that anyone visiting our sites will have the best and most useful experience.

Once today’s updates are done, we are officially going to start our regularly scheduled program of providing you with useful information on how to make your computing life safer, incredibly secure, amazingly powerful…and more profitable.  Which means just a few informative posts each day.

As our goal is to always serve you, we’d certainly appreciate any feedback on our new online presence and what information you’d like to see.  Feel free to email or call us at 424-CLOUD-04 (424-256-8304).  You can also catch us on Twitter:  @BansheeCloud

Best Regards,

Rene and Rodney

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