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Don’t Buy Software…Until You Know Your Options

Yesterday, we advised you not to buy a server until research your options.

Today, we’ll talk about software.  The fact is you have so many different choices on how you can work with office documents.  Some are completely cloud-based, so you don’t have to even download anything.  And some of those options are even free.

But are they best for your business or even personal use?  Perhaps not.

Do yourself a favor and research thoroughly what you can do BEFORE you rush off to the warehouse store and buy the home business edition of Microsoft Office.  Because there are other ways to get genuine Microsoft Office software.  Not freeware, not compatible.  The real thing.

We’ll be discussing many of your alternatives.  But in the meantime, DON’T BUY SOFTWARE.  Until you research.  And for your research, please look into our nABLE system.  It may end up giving you powerful capabilities, plus be more safe and secure.  And cost you much, much less.

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