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What’s in a name? A lot if your restaurant’s acronym is WTF!

So Washington, D.C. restaurateur and chef Jeff Buben claims he didn’t know of the other meaning associated with his Woodward Takeout Food’s initials.  (He says his wife told him after he had committed to the name.)  Needless to say, Buben is surprised at how many people are taking pictures with the logo.

This has led some to believe that he knew what he was doing and it was all some sort of marketing scheme.  Perhaps, but let’s hope that Buben weighed the publicity this would receive against any negative connotations of the acronym.  Some may find offense from the implied profanity.  Perhaps not too much a consideration in our contemporary culture.  But many may see that name and think that “WTF?” should not be the first thing that comes to mind when your food is served.

What do you think?


Original article:

‘WTF’ Stands For Woodward Takeout Food, Not The Expletive


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